Trapper I


This work  developed as a response to the Cork Public Museum’s Permanent collection The works  produced entitled Trapper and Helter Skelter were site specific and the starting point for them was the Great Exhibition held at the museum site in 1903.One element  of the exhibition was an avery containing exotic birds. While there was written documentation about this there was no photographic evidence  of it’s presence. This led us to create our own birds cut from archival images of all aspect of the Great Exhibition. We also considered the physical structure  of the avery and  stemming from this we attached a collection of nest boxes/cages to  a  tree in the gardens of the park.  As well as the physical shape the cages/ boxes  held  many other connotation;  incarceration, entrapment, being ensnared and ambushed. These works are based on a dialogue between the internal and external spaces of the museum.