Trapper II


Is a sculptural work created collaboratively by Noelle Noonan and Catherine Hehir. This work seeks to capture the spirit of the present time, evoking Ireland’s economic and social turbulence in both the rural and urban landscape. Trapper II is an imposing  3d construction ( 25 ft in height and 10 ft in width) devised from a collection of nest boxes, cages and swathes of shredded prints.  Some of the shredded prints were part of  another collaborative project 24 hours  where a group of printmaker debated the topic National Interest.  The concept   focused on the impermanent , that life is a cycle, and this time of national and global upheaval will also pass, things will mutate, alter and transform.

 As a result the prints had a 24 hour lifespan  before it there were systematically cut in an industrial shredder.  Some of these print have now mutated and found life in this 3d construction.