Artists Statement

I work with a number of different mediums but primarily with print and print installation. My work attempts to break the boundaries between traditional printmaking forms (etching, silkscreen and woodblock) and new technologies (digital, lasercut, 3D printing). I enjoy exploring the crossover between mediums resulting in some hybrid techniques.

I am interested in continuing to expand the relationships between digital technologies and older forms of print. The repeated multiplicity of printmaking is often evident in the work. The work starts from a point of introspection and subjectivity but then expands to resonate in a universal way. It reveals itself as it is being made. I might start with some small notion or feeling which has been triggered by a word, this word often unlocks a reservoir of suppressed thought and so the journey to revelation begins.

The process is very much part of the evolving imagery, there is an ongoing dialogue that happens between the conception of the work and the actual finished piece. I enjoy working independently and collaboratively as both provide different challenges.